Tom has had the privilege of working with and for exceptionally talented people. Here's what a few of them have had to say about their experience.

  • FRED WALTI.jpeg

    Founder, LACI; President & CEO at
    The Network for Global Innovation

    "One of Tom’s outstanding traits is his willingness and skill in working with other members of the team to develop project outcomes that are both excellent and reflect the team’s strengths. Tom is an excellent leader as well as a partner. I highly recommend Tom and would be happy to speak to anyone on his capabilities."

  • TOM BURBAGE.jpeg

    Tom Burbage

    Former President Lockheed Martin Aeronautics and former VP/GM, F-22 program

    "Tom is a creative and energetic sales promotion professional - the best I have worked with over a 33-year career in Aerospace. He generates innovative approaches that are very effective in communicating key messages and in attracting further interest. Highly recommended."


    Harhish Jani

    Strategic Design Director and Venture General Manager at BCG Digital Ventures

    "Tom is a visionary leader and a charismatic storyteller.  An avant-garde communicator, he possesses uncanny ability to listen and he comprehended client needs to get to the heart of their problems, craft business programs and succinctly articulate the value of the solutions which transcended traditional strategy, design, marketing, and engineering domains."

  • INGVALD.jpeg

    Ingvald Smith-Kielland

    Founder & Partner, Pull Experience

    "I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tom. His aptitude to truly listen to people and understand their needs, combined with a passion for translating any messages into compelling, understandable stories not only makes him unique in the design field but also eliminates any sense of traditional selling. These qualities make him a great executive in a variety of creative fields."


    Gaylon White

    Writer, Storyteller and Communications Consultant

    "As the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Jim Murray once said, "The problem is to find it; the challenge is to tell it without putting the reader to sleep." Tom knows how to keep his audience awake and engaged. And he has all of the other attributes a client is looking for when he/she is trying to make a difference."


    Sanjay Poojari

    Founder & CEO, Saya Life 

    "Tom has an amazing personality and is the best “Storyteller” you can find in the industry. He can take a business model and transform it into a gripping narrative that can capture the imagination of any audience. I have had the greatest privilege of being mentored by Tom in the art of articulating your business model with a story."


    Thorston Hoins

    Chief Marketing Officer at Twyne

    "I had the pleasure of spending just one day with Tom. During that short time, our brand position crystallized to a remarkable degree became more defensible, more exciting and significantly clearer. A solid brand often is the only defensible asset...which makes brand work the most valuable activity of any organization. And if you want to get that piece right, Tom is your man."


    Denzil Porteous

    Director of Marketing | Communications & Outreach, Wexner Center for the Arts.

    "My time working with Tom can only be defined as some of the most exciting work with which I have engaged. Tom’s desire and understanding of changes needed to set the College on a trajectory for redefined success and new depths of recognition, was profound. Tom worked to engage partners in the visualization and implementation of plans needed to enact that vision."


    Craig Chamberlain

    Director of Experience Design, Sonosite, Inc.

    "Tom is one of the best marketing and business development executives I've seen."