These agencies embraced a strategic story to inspire new markets and close record contracts.

Creative Agencies

A Story to Open New Markets

Visual storytelling resulted in a new brand, and gave this highly creative leader perspective on her own story to fuel the growth into new technology solutions. 

A Story Book and a New Brand

Communicating its core value enabled strategy and design firm RKS to achieve the highest revenues in its history, and led to a book based on this unique value. 

A Story of Hidden Strengths

Communicating its niche value led Los Angeles-base Karten Design to become recognized as a leader in the market for innovative medical product design. 

A Story of Unique B2B Value

Seeking next-level growth, co-op agency pioneer Co-Optimum rebranded with a suite of new digital tools and a new vision, leading to acquisition by industry leader Ansira. 

A Tech
Turnaround Story

An exceptional team of design engineers embraced storytelling to profile its value, growing the business and attracting acquisition by Facebook's Oculus unit. 

A Story for Corporate Contracts

Two of Los Angeles' most iconic and brilliant architects engaged the process of storytelling to win corporate contracts with consistency.  

A Story for Mega-Contracts

European design firm EDG added storytelling to their capabilities, attracting the biggest contracts in their history and successfully attracting a stratgic buyer. 



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