Strategic stories inspired a trillion dollars of new business for these organizations.

The Hero's Journey

This strategic story helped Lockheed win the largest contract in history. It redefined the way the industry communicates.  Lockheed-Martin has become the largest defense contractor the world. 

A Vision of The Future

To attract $1 billion investment into a new technology that few understood, we created a story that visualized a future so clearly that investors understood in 12 minutes. 

A Story of Magical Vision

Before the iPhone, Motorola dominated the mobile telecom market with a five-year long strategic storytelling campaign we created to embrace new technologies in new markets.

The Story of Character

Volvo sought to share the character of their wonderful Swedish personality with the world through their vehicles.  We literally brought the Volvo brand to life in markets globally. Two years later Volvo was acquired by Ford.

The Story of Heritage

To launch a first-in-category vehicle, we created a story that captivated the truck market and led DAF Trucks to become the fastest growing truck brand in Europe.

A Story for Families

SC Johnson elected to understand the needs of the market using a storytelling approach in order to develop new derivative products for one of their leading brands.

Story Becomes a Product

To expand the value it delivers in emerging markets, Unilever undertook a storytelling centric approach to creating a strategy that resulted in innovative new products.

A Story of Consistency

Ferrari North America sought to improve the value of their iconic brand and embraced a storytelling approach  to identify the path needed to make it happen. 



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