Creating Revenue-generating New Products 

Welcome to Ugo, which today is one of less than 100 authentic Neapolitan restaurants in the US recognized by the VPN Association of Naples, Italy.  Starting as a local pizza restaurant, entrepreneur Ugo Pascarella sought to recreate the authentic experience of the Grand Cafes of Naples - known as the home of pizza itself in the 1700s. More importantly, he wanted to create the basis for growth into new locations.


Following extensive research we crafted the authentic personality of Ugo. Maintaining only the authentic recipes, we redesigned the restaurant inside and out, including training programs for employees. We created color schemes and brand ID, interior and exterior design, menus and menu items, packaging, posters and signage, uniforms, products, vehicle wraps, and the visible kitchen, all as found in a Naples Grand Cafe.


True to the experience, we also developed a line of branded products for delivery, pick-up and in-house dining including handmade gelato, handmade pasta, and branded merchandise including collectors espresso cups. It transformed a beloved restaurant into a popular, authentic brand. 


CAFE UGO 6.jpg