The Process

This three-step process delivers the authentic story that transforms an organization's market position, attracts audiences and builds new revenues.

Strategic Planning


  1. Market Metrics & Goals

  2. Perceived Market Position

    1. Current

    2. Desired

  3. Competitive:

    1. Landscape

    2. Strengths

    3. Weaknesses

    4. Opportunities

    5. Threats

  4. Target Audience:

    1. Groups & Metrics​

    2. Threats & Fears

    3. Demands & Desires

  5. Decision Makers

  6. Influencers

A competitive assessment determines the white space within which to message the story.

Goals and metrics are quantified, to identify target results in terms of market performance. 

Meet the hero, and understand everything about his/her personal and professional life.

Identify the unique technical & emotional advantages of the product to the customer.

The hero's greatest fears are manifested in a deadly villain; both will be identified. 



Story Development


  1. Heritage & History

  2. Sketch the Hero

  3. Personify the Villain

  4. Define the Journey

  5. Imagery

  6. Illustrate the Vision

  7. The Value Props

    1. B2B/B2C​

  8. The Elevator Pitch

  9. The Quant

  10. The Metaphor

  11. Future Vision

  12. The Short Story

The Hero's Journey story is created to tell the end-to-end narrative.

The story is created in pitch form and prepared for universal telling of the story

A pitch deck is created for symposia and conference presentations.

The short story elevator pitch enables the team to tell a unified story.





  1. Renderings

  2. Illustrations

  3. Script & Storyboards

  4. Positioning Statement

  5. Exhibition Concept

  6. Pitch Deck Messaging

  7. Visual Standee

  8. Photography

  9. Film / Video

  10. Photography

  11. Graphic Diagrams

  12. Shows/Exhibitions

  13. Online Formats

  14. Print Applications

  15. In facility

The "Story Book" is created for deployment of the story across all media.

Key photography, illustrations and renderings visualize the story.

A movie tells the story in narrative form, distributed across all categories.

The story is mobilized in print brochures, one-sheets, and other formats.

Exhibitions environments immerse the audience in the story experience.